Agriculture and Farming

Valparaiso, IN farm accountingAt Gatlin Rago CPA Group, we provide farms, co-ops, and other types of agricultural businesses with accounting, tax and financial management services. We'll show you how to regulate cash flow and efficiently monitor expenses. We'll also put together a comprehensive budget to keep you on track financially throughout the year.

Proactive tax planning is critical for any business, but especially for those in the farming and agriculture industry. Our tax planning strategies are designed to save you money so you can realize higher profits. First, we'll help you select the entity that will minimize your tax burden. Next, we'll carefully explain new tax law changes and their implications on your agricultural business. Finally, we'll make sure you're taking advantage of all available Federal and State tax breaks that apply to your particular business.

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Our accounting and tax services for farms include:

We work with farming businesses in the Valparaiso area and surrounding communities. Feel free to request a consultation to discuss our farm accounting and tax services, or call us at 219-462-7544 today.